Easing of Restrictions: The Japan Foundation, Bangkok Library’s service

The Japan Foundation, Bangkok Library’s service will be back to normal from Wednesday, July 1 2020.  However, to continue preventing the spreading of COVID-19, the below policy will be applied. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and your kind cooperation and understanding would be highly appreciated.

  1. Library will check the temperature of users before entering the library, please refrain from using the library when the temperature is over 37.5℃.
  2. Please scan QR-code “Thai Chana” at the counter before and after using the library. If you do not have a mobile phone or your phone can not use the Internet, please fill in the form at library’s counter.
  3. Please clean your hands with provided alcohol gel while using the library.
  4. Please always wear a face mask in the library.
  5. Please keep physical distancing (social distancing) while using the library at least 1 meter to each other. Also, the number of users will be limited to 15 persons per time.

Users may not be able to enter the library unless they agree to these measures above.

The Japan Foundation, Bangkok