Contemporary Theatre and Performance in ASEAN : Trends and Development



Pichet Klunchun x Toshiki Okada x Tomoko Soda

The Japan Foundation, Bangkok and The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts of Thammasat University (FATU) are proud to organise their inaugural symposium on contemporary theatre and performance. The event will take place on the 25th to 28th June 2015 at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) in the heart of the city. The international symposium will feature academic presentations as well as performances from countries in the ASEAN region and beyond.


Respected and acclaimed performance and theatre academics and researchers from more than five countries – including Thailand – will speak on various aspects of the state of contemporary performance in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia and even Japan. More than that, this special symposium will also premier three performances that boasts of international performance makers, including new work by Pichet Klunchun, Silapatorn Award artist.


Contemporary performances in Southeast Asia (and the greater Asia) have received even greater attention in the last decade with international festivals paying more attention to region’s to the rich and diverse cultural and artistic forms that have emerge. The rapid globalisation of performing arts markets have also given more exposure to the region with the proliferation of transnational artistic collaborations, international funding and commissions and cross border networkings.


Admission for both presentations and performances are FREE; the public is advised to reserve their tickets for the events in advance.


The Presentations
Between 26th and 28th June, a total of eight special focus lectures will be presented by distinguished academics from universities from Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Japan and even United Kingdom. Presented in English, special arrangements are undertaken to have Thai interpretation for all lectures to allow for wider access by Thai audiences.


The Performances
Also happening between 25th and 28th June are three premiers of performances that will reflect the theme and subject of contemporary stagings and aesthetics from three international artists.


Please refer to the poster for the detailed schedule for symposium and performance Click For more information and reservation of presentations and performances, please call 061-462-2630


Organizers: The Japan Foundation, Bangkok and The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts of Thammasat University


Faculty of Fine and Applied Art
Thammasat University