JF Theater for November 2018 : Animation

All films are subtitled in Thai unless specified otherwise
Free admission at the Seminar Room of the Japan Foundation, Bangkok at 18.30 hours.

Friday, November 2, 2018
The place we promised in Our Early days
2004/91 mins.
Directed by SHINKAI Makoto

In an alternate timeline, post-World War II Japan has been divided and occupied by two rival powers. Hokkaido has been annexed by the “UNION” while Honshu and the other southern islands have come under U.S. occupation. Hiroki, Takuya and Sayuri are two young boys and a girl living in Aomori, the closest province in Honshu to Hokkaido. These three young classmates become fascinated by the gigantic yet mysterious tower that they see across the Tsugaru Strait, promising that one day they will build and fly an aircraft to the tower to unravel its mystery. However, their project is abandoned after Sayuri’s sudden disappearance. Three years later, Hiroki finds out that Sayuri has been in a coma for the past three years, a state that is somehow linked to the secrets of the UNION tower.

Friday, November 9, 2018
Children who chase lost voice
2011/116 mins.
Directed by Shinkai Makoto

One day Asuna hears a mysterious song on her crystal radio, a memento of her father. On the way to her favorite mountain, she is attacked by a strange beast and is saved by Shun who comes from a faraway land. He tells her that he came to the surface in order to meet someone. The two begin to open their hearts to each other, but Shun suddenly disappears. Asuna learns of the mythological underworld from her new homeroom teacher, Mr. Morisaki. Just then, Shin, a boy who looks just like Shun appears before Asuna. She finally discovers Morisaki’s secret. Asuna, Mr. Morisaki, and Shin, each with their own feelings in their hearts, set out on a journey into a land of legends…

Friday, November 16, 2018
The Glass rabbit
2005/84 mins.
Directed by Shibuchi Setsuko

The animation ‘Glass Rabbit’ is based on the best-selling novel by Takagi Toshiko that was originally released in 1977. The Glass Rabbit portrays the horrors of life and death during the air raids on Tokyo during World War II. It wishes to express to current generations the effects and fears of war so that people will struggle for peace.

Friday, November 23, 2018
CHIBI Maruko Chan
1990/94 mins.
Directed by Nagahashi Makito

As the second term commences, Maruko and her classmates return to their small groups. Maruko’s group includes two naughty boys and Maruko is forced to be one of their subordinates. She seems to face a lot of pressure at school. As the school’s athletic meet approaches, all the classmates are busy exercising. Maruko is no exception, although her laziness means that she is late sometimes. Maruko realizes that the two boys rival each other in everything they do, and that their friendship is deep and strong.

Friday, November 30, 2018
Bare foot Gen
1983/110 mins.
Directed by Mori Matsaki

This animated movie tells the story of Gen, who was ten when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. He and his mother survive the blast and help take care of its victims. One day, Gen notices that plants are growing again in the atomic desert, and this renews his will to live and to overcome the tragedy that surrounds him.