JF Theater for October 2018 : Where there ‘s a will , there ‘s a way

All films are subtitled in Thai unless specified otherwise
Free admission at the Seminar Room of the Japan Foundation, Bangkok at 18.30 hours.

Friday, October 5, 2018
Musashi no High voltage tower
1997/115 mins.
Directed by Nagao Naoki

The story of Miharu’s adventure of surveying the Musashino High Voltage Towers. Miharu sets off with Akira on a quest to find the source of the power lines that pass by his house. The images of nature in the film, accompanied by ethereal music, underline its nostalgia for a simpler time when boys could play in field rather than in computer arcades. The source novel of the same title won the 6th Japan Fantasy Novel prize.

Friday, October 12, 2018
Lost in the wilderness
1986/140 mins.
Directed by Sato Junya

The story of Naomi Uemura, the world famous adventurer, who accomplished several great fates which no one else had done before. He achieved record of conquering all the highest mountains in five continents. In winter 1984, he succeeded in reaching the Mckinley peak in Alaska. However, any contact from him has not been received since then.

Friday, October 19, 2018
The Passage to Japan
1991/123 mins.
Director Sawai Chinichiro

This film is a biography of Yukichi FUKUZAWA , the founder of Keio University. He is known as one of the prime propagators of Western knowledge in the Meiji period. He devoted his life to showing that traditional Japanese ideas and values were wrong and to replace them with Western positivism and liberalism would propel Japan onto the world stage as a leader.

Friday, October 26, 2018
This is Noriko
1981/117 mins.
Directed Matsuyama Zenzo

This is a story of a physically handicapped but extremely well adjusted young woman named Noriko. The title role was played by Ms. Noriko TSUJI herself. The film begins with her telling her personal history in a high school classroom just before graduation. She talks about difficulties and prejudices she and her mother experienced when she entered a primary school. She was finally allowed to enter Sekidai Primary School by its head teacher who believed that she, having the disadvantage of lacking arms, had no disability. Since then her challenges started as to what she could do with her feet. Now employed in the Kumamoto Municipal office in Kyushu, this is her first professional position, and she carries it off with great skill.