Notes from TPAM 2014


Notes from TPAM 2014
Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2014


Date:February, 2014


Venue:Yokohama, Japan


Reported by:Piyawat Thamkulangkool, Lecturer, Department of Dramatic Arts, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University


Last February, I went to Yokohama, Japan to participate in the Tokyo Performing Arts Market 2014 which is the largest international performing arts platform for performing arts in Japan, where professionals get together beyond national and regional borders to exchange information, learn mutually and build network through diverse programs including performances, discussions and meetings. International presenters came to meet and exchange their perspectives including creating professional network through nine-day activities such as performances, talks and meetings.


Launched as Tokyo Performing Arts Market (TPAM) in 1995. In 2011, it was moved to Yokohama and the “M” from the “Market” was changed to the “Meeting”, then restarted as “Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama.” At diverse venues in a walkable area in Yokohama, it is held for the 18th time as an international platform for performing arts.


There were four major activities:

  1. TPAM Direction – Young directors proposed concepts and new point of views or contemporary issues through the performing arts.
  2. International Showcase – Introduction of works by international artists in cooperation with cultural organizations.
  3. Networking Program – Programs for professionals and international organizers to share, discuss, and meet in order to combine their collaborations in the near future.
  4. TPAM Showcase- A showcase of performances from professional artists and companies in Japan.


I was interested in TPAM Exchange, a part of Networking Program. I was appointed to hold a group meeting (including a round table) for 30 minutes done twice, to introduce Sodsai Pantoomkomol Centre for Dramatic Arts to Japanese and international professionals who want to bring their performing arts to Thailand. I joined and exchanged ideas with other groups which were rotated all day, both in the meeting room and in the round table. Another zone was Speed Networking which opened an opportunity for artists and organizers to meet and have a one-on-one talk for 10 minutes by reservation.


I was impressed by the overall organization of this event from the outstanding Japanese performance, locations, professionalism, to hospitality of the organizers. Although in some meetings, there were obstacles in terms of communicating language, the organizers had prepared a professional interpreter to assist in some highlight activities. I had seen lots of organizations working in collaboration with each other such as the Japan Foundation, Yokohama Arts Foundation, Kanagawa Arts Foundation, and PARC: Japan Center-Pacific Basin Arts Communication in order to organize this event. I had seen the opportunity handed to the young artist directors to show their unique creativities and perspectives though various performing arts. There was a sincerity to reflect a lot of problems. There was a strong gathering network for performing arts people to brainstorm on the solution. Everyone was eager to push the encounter between artists and international creators through activities that could lead to future collaboration. It was an immeasurable experience. For more information on TPAM, visit or read a full report at