LUPIN THE THIRD; ルパン三世; Rupan Sansei

LUPIN THE THIRD; ルパン三世; Rupan Sansei

©2014Monkey Punch/”LUPIN The THIRD” Movie Project


Dir. KITAMURA Ryuhei l 2014l 121 min



  • OGURI Shun
  • Jerry Yan
  • TAMAYAMA Tetsuji
  • GO Ayano
  • KUROKI Meisa
  • ASANO Tadanobu



  • Script : RIKIYA Mizushima
  • Cinematography : Pedro J. Márquez
  • Music :Aldo Shllaku
  • Original Story :Monkey Punch



Pramuk, a Southeast Asian tycoon and king of a shady underworld, and Dawson, an aging British mogul and former thief himself who once stole with the Great Lupin. Both want each other’s heirloom to reunite The Crimson Heart’s two parts (the world’s most beautiful necklace set with a ruby of inestimable value from 7th Century) . Meanwhile, Interpol Inspector Zenigata hopes to make the bust of his life at the Dawson estate where the world’s top thieves have assembled to appoint a new leader to Dawson’s notorious robber syndicate called The Works. Among them is Lupin the Third. But Pramuk has other plans. He taps Lupin’s rival, Michael Lee, to assassinate Dawson and capture the necklace. Lupin responds by vowing to avenge Dawson and steal back the necklace by assembling his own elite team of thieves of Daisuke Jigen, Fujiko Mine and Goemon Ishikawa. They descend on The Ark, a remote and heavily-armed island fortress with an impregnable, state-of-the-art security system. Nevertheless, Lupin and friends won’t stop until they pry redemption and the world’s most coveted prize from Pramuk’s hands.