Japanese Studies and Global Partnership

The Japan Foundation organizes symposiums and collaborative projects to deepen dialogue among experts in various countries, in addition to supporting individual scholars in Japanese studies. It also works to promote the formation of personal networks with the aim of solving global issues.

The Japan Foundation, Bangkok, in cooperation with Japanese and Thai fellow counterparts, has been carrying out a diverse range of grant programs for Japanese studies organizations and grant fellowships that enable scholars to conduct research on Japan. We also organize programs such as collaborative research projects and dialogues to enhance understanding of regional or global issues, seeking measures to solve such issue.

We also invite individuals and organizations that are planning researches, lectures, semilars, symposiums and collaborative intellectual projects to participate in our programs as in the following links:

Headquarters’ programs
JFBKK small grant program

For inquiries and consultations on Japanese Studies and Global Partnership Department:

Japanese Studies and Global Partnership Department

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