The Japan Foundation, Bangkok offers classrooms and auditorium rental service to external organizations with several types of rooms.

Application Process

The Japan Foundation, Bangkok (hereinafter referred to as the “Centre”) lends its classrooms and auditorium (hereinafter referred to as the “Facilities”) to outside parties only when the Centre is not scheduled to use the Facilities.

1. The Facilities, in principle, may be used between 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on the Centre’s business days (Monday through Friday, excluding Saturday, Sunday and national holidays).

2. Applications for use of the Facilities must be made by organizations/groups. Applications for the use of the Facilities by individuals are not accepted.

3. The eligible events/programs that are allowed to use the Facilities are any of events/programs in the following categories. However, events/programs which fall into the following Article 4 are excluded.
     (1) Events/programs related to the introduction of Japanese culture and international cultural exchange.
     (2) Events/programs related to Japanese studies and academic exchanges with Japan.
     (3) Events/programs related to Japanese language education.
     (4) Other events/programs that the Director-General of the Centre approves exceptionally in the light of the purpose of the Centre’s activities.

4. The Centre does not lend the Facilities to events/programs that fall into the following categories:
     (1) Highly profitable events/programs.
     (2) Events/programs for the purpose of selling goods, etc.
     (3) Political events/programs, religious events/programs, or similar events/programs.
     (4) Events/programs that are deemed likely to disrupt the orderly operation of the Facilities, or harm the public interest.
     (5) Other events/programs that the Director-General of the Centre deems to be inappropriate.

5. To use the Facilities, applicant must fill in necessary items on the “Application for Use of Facilities” (Form 1) and submit it to the Centre, in principle, no earlier than two months and no later than two weeks before the date you plan to use the Facilities (if there is more than one such date, the first date). After confirming details of the application, the Centre will notify the applicant whether the request to use the Facilities is approved or not.

6. When using the Facilities, the applicant must faithfully comply with the “Conditions for Permitted Use of the Facilities”. It is not allowed to enter any place other than the Facilities that have been approved for use.


Regulations for using classroom and auditorium facilities (English)


Application form (English)

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