Arts & Cultural Exchange

The Japan Foundation works to introduce a diverse variety of facets of Japanese culture, from art, music, drama, and film to fashion and design, to the world. By creating opportunities for people to share the joy of co-creation and better understand each other in ways that transcend language, it facilitates deeper cultural exchange between people.

The Japan Foundation, Bangkok, in cooperation with Japanese and Thai fellow counterparts, has been carrying out a variety of cultural activities to promote cultural exchange and to foster cultural diversity in Thailand and beyond. We have initiated many events such as art exhibitions, music concerts, stage performances, film screenings, academic lectures and so forth.

We also invite individuals and organizations that are planning international cultural exchange projects and activities to participate in our programs as in the following links:

Headquarters’ programs
JFBKK small grant program

For inquiries and consultations on Arts & Cultural Exchange:

Arts and Culture Department

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