The Japan Foundation, Bangkok, in collaboration with ICONSIAM and ICON CINECONIC, proudly presents Cinema Kabuki entitled “RENJISHI” and “RAKUDA” starring the legendary kabuki actor, Nakamura Kanzaburo.

Kabuki theatre was inscribed in 2008 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (originally proclaimed in 2005) by UNESCO. With gorgeous costumes, stunning makeup, and powerful dramas, kabuki has been appreciated as the ultimate theatrical art form in Japan. Live productions are now being filmed with the highest resolution cameras for screening in cinemas on state-of-the-art 4K digital projection systems with 6-channel surround sound.

On this occasion, we bring two performances, “RENJISHI” and “RAKUDA”, which will be consecutively screened as one screening on Wednesday 23 December 2020 at Icon Cineconic (6th floor of ICONSIAM) at 19.30, following the opening event and a music performance of Koto, Japanese traditional string instrument at 19.00.

English and Thai subtitles are available.
DateWednesday 23 December 2020
Time19.00 (Opening event) | 19.30 (Film)
VenueIcon Cineconic (6th floor of ICONSIAM)
Ticket feeFree admission with registration
RegistrationPlease register at
** Limited 200 seats (Registration will be closed after reached full capacity.)
** Please collect the ticket at registration desk on the 6th floor of Icon Cineconic from 18.00 to 18.50. If the ticket is not collected before 18.50, the reservation will be canceled and tickets will be give out to walk-in audiences.


Kabuki Theatre, with origins dating back to the 1600s, has remained steeped in tradition while constantly innovating. Live productions, featuring some of today’s greatest Kabuki stars, are now being filmed with the highest resolution cameras for screening in theatres around the world.

Since 2005, Kabuki production company Shochiku Co. Ltd. has released Cinema Kabuki which offers English speakers the unique opportunity to experience full-scale Kabuki performances by some of Japan’s biggest stars in high definition on the big screen with English subtitles. This, however, is no regular film screening; Cinema Kabuki allows the audience to vividly experience the excitement of the live stage through the full use and wide-range capability of high-definition (HD) images and 6-channel sound. Enjoy the authenticity of Kabuki as if you were sitting in the best seat of the Metropolitan Opera House!

RENJISHI (The Father and Son Shishi Lion Dance)

Production Year: 2008 | Running Time: 55min
Director: Yamada Yoji
Cast: Nakamura Kanzaburo, Nakamura Kankuro, Nakamura Shichinosuke

The Kabuki Lion Dance usually features a father/son duo as two powerful lions who explore the challenging father/son relationship. The Triple Lion Dance is extraordinary not only because it stars the legendary Kanzaburo, but also his talented sons Kankuro and Shichinosuke who shine as the younger lions, showcasing three of Japan’s most revered mythical beasts. Look for unusual hand-held shishi masks which evolve into majestic full mane costumes. The father lion is one of the most sought-after roles for Kabuki dancers.

RAKUDA (The camel)

Production Year: 2008 | Running Time: 52min
Cast: Nakamura Kanzaburo, Bando Mitsugoro

When unpopular tenant Uma dies, his only friend Hanji cooks up a scheme to make some money. He sends Kyuroku, the junk collector, to demand support for the funeral celebrations from Uma’s miserly landlord – or the dead Uma will come to his house and dance. Kabuki’s most powerful acting duo light a fire under this black comedy, which turns to hilarious farce with the aid of copious amounts of sake.


 Nakamura Kanzaburo XVIII(1955-2012)

He made his debut under the name Nakamura Kankuro V at the age of 3 in April 1959 in the role of Momotaro. He played “Renjishi” with his father Nakamura Kanzaburo the seventeenth when he was 13. This performance was highly praised. He took the name Kanzaburo at the grand naming performance in March 2005.

Kanzaburo has two sons, Nakamura Kankuro VI and NAKAMURA Shichinosuke II. They all performed in “RENJISHI” together as father and sons.

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