J-Talk: Diggin’ Culture #02 “Journey to the Story”

J-Talk: Diggin’ Culture #02

Journey to the Story
-New Form of Tourism-

Talk on the Contents Tourism in Japan
and its Impact on Local Revitalization

SpeakerDr. Toshiyuki Masubuchi
(Professor, Hosei University)
Date & Time14:00 – 16:00
Saturday 17 June 2017
VenueClassroom E, the Japan Foundation, Bangkok
LanguagesJapanese with Thai interpretations
(No English available)
Organized byThe Japan Foundation, Bangkok


The Japan Foundation, Bangkok has launched a series of casual talk on Japan called “J-Talk: Diggin’ Culture”, serving for those Thai citizens who would like to develop their knowledge and understanding on Japanese culture and society one step further. For this second round, we invited Dr. Toshiyuki Masubuchi, the professor of Hosei Graduate School of Regional Policy Design as well as the president of the Academy of Contents Tourism as the speaker. Dr. Masubuchi has been actively researching and writing books under the keywords “Japanese pop culture”, “Tourism” and “Region” from various perspectives. His talk for this J-Talk #02 was about the Contents Tourism in Japan, providing his interesting analysis on the relationship between the “places appeared in the story of the Contents (manga, anime, movies, etc.)” and the “people’s behavior of actually traveling to those places.” Taking the smash-hit “Your Name.” and other anime / movie stories as examples, Dr. Masubuchi amusingly revealed how the development of the digital contents has affected the form of “Tourism” in Japan and what kind of possibility the Contents Tourism has in the aspect of the local revitalization.



About the speaker

Dr. Toshiyuki Masubuchi

was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1957. He holds a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo, specializing in cultural geography and economic geography. Prior to the current position, he worked for the Media Center for Nippon Television Network Corporation, AIR-G’ (FM Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd.), Toshiba EMI Ltd., Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., actively engaged in the production of broadcast programs and music contents as well as scouting and cultivating the emerging musicians. Currently he is serving in a variety of positions such as the professor of Hosei Graduate School of Regional Policy Design, the president of the Academy of Contents Tourism, the president of Japan Association for Cultural Economics, Iwate Cultural Ambassador, Strategic Policy Advisor to Odawara City, etc. His major works include, What is Contents Tourism?, Sairyusya Co., Ltd., 2010 (in Japanese), Yokubo-no-Ongaku (Music of Desire), Hosei University Press, 2010 (in Japanese), Rojiura-ga-Bunka-wo-Tsukuru! (Back Street Creates the Culture), Seikyusha Co., Ltd., 2012 (in Japanese), Kyou-no-Gohan-wa “Manga-Meshi” (Let’s have a “Manga Meal” Today), co-write with wato, Asahiya Publishing Co., Ltd., 2016 (in Japanese) and more.