JF Theatre Sep 2023: Sinbad

JF Theatre proudly presents




  Date&Time: 15 September 2023, Doors open at 17:30
and screening starts at 18:30
  Venue: JF Auditorium at the Japan Foundation, Bangkok
  Admission Fee: Free of Charge, No Reservation needed
  Format: DVD with Japanese audio and Thai subtitles

Director: MIYASHITA Shinpei / Adventure, Fantasy / 114 mins / 2016

Synopsis: A hardworking and curious boy Sinbad dreams of traveling around the world. One day, a neckless falls out of the sky, followed by a mysterious girl! Sinbad is embroiled in a melee of the girl and a group of man who chases her by flying carpets. Sinbad and the crew of the ship Bahr sail out to find the family of the girl, Princess Sana, who is the remaining survivor of legendary wizard family. They encounter the mysterious phenomenon on an island while in search of the magic lamp. Also, the apprentice of Sana’s father, Galip, who destroyed the kingdom and her family by using the wizardly power is after Sana. Based on the literary classic ‘The Arabian Nights.’

For further inquires, please contact acdept_jfbkk@jpf.go.jp