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Kabuki for Beginners

An introduction to Kabuki, planned and produced by Shochiku Co. Ltd.

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Date & Time        1st – 14th of December, 2021
Languages            Japanese Soundtrack with Thai and English Subtitles
Platform               Vimeo On Demand <Click Here>
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55 promo code used from Thailand only with 146 views.
Thai subtitles 138 views, 34 viewers finishes the videos.
English subtitles 8 views, 1 viewers finishes the videos.

The Japan Foundation, Bangkok had a pleasure to present an educational video program planned and produced by Shochiku Co. Ltd. entitled “Kabuki for Beginners”, streamed via Vimeo On Demand from 1st to 14th December 2021. This 36-min long video has introduced the interpretation of Kabuki’s performance, and enhance the beauty of this Japanese theatrical art form.

This introduction to Kabuki has been filmed at Kyoto’s Minamiza Theatre, the longest established Kabuki theatre, located in the birthplace of Kabuki where the audience learnt how the stage was prepared, the essence of Kabuki costume design, and the powerful movement of Kabuki dance, inviting audience to expose to Kabuki’s appreciation and the context around it.

Kabuki, one of the three most significant Japanese theatrical art forms, performed in highly stylized manner of singing and dancing with spectacular stage and costume design. The history of Kabuki dates back to early 17th century. In 2005, Kabuki was designated a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

What’s the meaning behind the striking movement? How the stage is operated? The audience has found the answers and enjoyed the bird-eye view of the renowned auditorium from drone camera.

Watch the trailer of KABUKI FOR BEGINNERS:
*Only the first part was available exclusively in Thailand and Laos

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