RUN & LEARN: New Curatorial Constellations -A series of exhibition by three young curators-

RUN & LEARN: New Curatorial Constellations
-A series of exhibition by three young curators-


“RUN & LEARN: New Curatorial Constellations” in Thailand

@Turning Tweets Pulse
[Venue]Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, 1st Floor, Multi-Function Room
[Date]Wednesday February 4th – Tuesday 10th February 2015
@the air of familiarity
[Date]Friday 6th February – Saturday 28th February 2015
Chiang Mai
@Shuffling Spaces
[Venue]Gallery Seescape
[Date]Sunday 8th February – Sunday 15th February 2015


The Japan Foundation in cooperation with Bangkok Art and Culture Centre presented three exhibitions by three young curators who were granted the prizes of holding their own exhibitions as a part of “RUN & LEARN: New Curatorial Constellations”, which is a young curatorial development program organized by the Japan Foundation aiming to enhance emerging expertise in installing and curating contemporary art and related platforms.


Fourteen curators from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Japan were granted a study tour in Japan under the “Young Curatorial Workshop” program, ran between February to June, 2014, also organized by the Japan Foundation. As a result, the young participants curated their exhibitions in their locations in diverse formats such as mixed media, art exhibitions, and performances shaped from their initial proposals during the workshop. In Thailand, the curators staged their exhibition under the concept “rethink (…….)”.


“RUN & LEARN: New Curatorial Constellations” program in each country ran from December 2014 to February 2015. In Thailand, three curators delivered their exhibition based on development of their initial proposals in three venues, two in Bangkok and one in Chiang Mai, allowed the audiences not only to explore the exhibition and the art work but also the cities in which the exhibitions were held.


The first exhibition by Kamonpond (Eiko) Wongcharoenchai is titled “Turning Tweets Pulse” exploring turning between past, present and future through the artist’s vibration through mixed media such as text installation, audio and visual design, and film.


Following the first exhibition was the art exhibition entitled “the air of familiarity” at cloud in Chinatown, curated by Soifa Saenkhamkon. The exhibition brought audiences on a journey to observe their surroundings, their daily lives, the normal lives with which they are familiar, thus leading them to feel like they are part of a documentary and narrative.


“Shuffling Spaces”, the last exhibition by Japanese curator, Naoko Horiuchi, was held in Chiang Mai in the chic Nimmanhaemin area. The exhibition featured four artists from Thailand and Japan who presented a variety of artistic mediums, included video, installation, performance, and collaborative works.


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