The Opening of Asian Culture Station

The Opening of

Asian Culture Station (ACS)


the International Symposium

“Non-capital Cities as a Cultural Movement”

Asian Culture Station (ACS)
At 28/11 Nimmanhemin Road,
(the lane near Hillside Condo 2, opposite to Soi 13),
Suthep, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200

Date and time:
Friday 26th August 2016,
6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Participant  140 people

Media coverage:
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The Japan Foundation Asia Center, in collaboration with the Chiang Mai Art Conversation (CAC), announced the Opening of the Asian Culture Station (ACS) and the international symposium “Non-capital Cities as a Cultural Movement” as the opening event.


Located in a non-capital city of Thailand, Chiang Mai, ACS was a space where ordinary citizens, especially the young, could gather daily and acquire information about cultures, arts and societies for exchanging arts and cultures in Asian countries especially ASEAN countries and Japan. Significantly, ACS was aimed to function as an initiative platform and base where people could interact with each other directly for promoting sustainable exchange and mutual understanding in the Asian region through various ranges of events. To achieve this objective, ACS not only brought active art organizations and experts in many fields in the region together but also encouraged their dynamic dialogues of sharing experiences, ideas, best practices and key challenges, by linking to timely Asian art community networks via ACS.


The Japan Foundation Asia Center also operated the Asian Culture Station in Yangon, Myanmar and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


The Opening of ACS



During the Opening, Mr. Masaya Shimoyama, the Managing Director of the Japan Foundation Asia Center, delivered the opening speech. Then, Ms. Sutthirat Supaparimya, the Director of the Chiang Mai Art Conversation, explained about the programs of ACS in the first year, together with the current and upcoming activities. The program was closed with a Shadow – Puppet Theatre by The Wandering Moon Performing Group.


The international symposium “Non-capital Cities as a Cultural Movement”



Chiang Mai House of Photography
Behind the Lanna Folklife Museum,
Prapokklao Rd., Sriphum, Muang,
Chiang Mai

Date and time:
Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August,
1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Participant  40 people

Media coverage:
See N:6 Asia Center1 Arts and Culture5 Asian Culture Station in CM(ふれあいの場)Report2016Quarter 2Narrative reports


The ACS opening was followed by an international symposium “Non-capital Cities as a Cultural Movement” on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August at Chiang Mai House of Photography. Representatives from art organizations in non-capital cities in Thailand, Southeast Asian countries and Japan were invited to make presentations and participate in the panel discussions.



  1. Mr. Vincent Buso, Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPS), Battambang , Cambodia
  2. Mr. Antariksa, KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  3. Mr. Keiichi Miyagawa or Gen Sasaki, Gallery SOAP and AIK: Art Institute Kitakyushu, Japan
  4. Mr. Jiradech Meemalai, Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts & Culture, Ratchaburi, Thailand
  5. Ms. Potjawan Punjinda, ArtBridge ChiangRai (ABCR), Chiang Rai, Thailand
  6. Mr. Kant Poonpipat, House of Photography/ Chiang Mai Photo Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  7. Ms. Sutthirat Supaparinya, Chiang Mai Art Conversation, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  8. Mr. Atikom Mukdaprakorn, Chiang Mai Art Conversation, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  9. Ms. Nguyen Hong Ngoc, Zero Station, Ho Chi Min City Vietnam
  10. Ms. Zoe Butt, San Art, Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam


Admission: Free of charge.

Languages: English (with Thai translation).


Opening of Asian Culture Station

Mr. Masaya Shimoyama, the Managing Director of Japan Foundation Asia Center, second from the right,
greeted and talked to Mr. Apichartpong Weerasethakul at the Opening


VIP group photo, including guests of the ACS symposium from Vietnam and Japan,
in front of the Asian Culture Station


Mr. Masaya Shomoyama gives the Opening remark for the Opening of ACS


Guests and audience enjoy the Opening moments at ACS


Many guests come to attend the Opening events of ACS


Mr. Atikom Mukdaprakarn (right) introduces about ACS and the roles of Chiang Mai Art Conversation (CAC)
during the Opening ceremony.


Atmosphere during the break before the performance starts


Performance by the Wandering Moon performing group starts


All core members of Wandering Moon performing group attentively perform their show.


Conclusion and announcement about the symposium “ Non-capital cities as a Cultural Movement”
and all participants from countries across Southeast Asia, Japan, France and Australia.


ACS’s Symposium on “Non-capital Cities as a Cultural Movement”


Ms. Sutthirat Supaparinya, the Director of Chiang Mai Art Conservation (CAC)
introduces the agenda of the symposium to all participants and audience.


Each of participant speaker introduces about their organization and work at the beginning.


Panel discussion on “Empowering Art Practice and Community” by Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts & Culture (Thailand),
Zero Station (Vietnam) and Art Bridge Chiang Rai (Thailand).


Mr. Antariksa, from KUNCI Cultural Studies Center (Indonesia)
and Ms. Sutthirat Supaparinya shared their joyful moments listening to a guest speaker.


Mr. Jiradech Meemalai, from Baan Norg Collaborative Arts & Culture,
shared his experiences and perspectives during the symposium


Mr. Gen Sasaki, the guest speaker from Gallery SOAP and AIK: Art Institute Kitakyushu
related about Gallery SOAP’s activities during the panel discussion on
“Exhibition Making & Artistic Development”


Ms. Zoe Butt, from San Art, Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam expressed her views
about the situation of art restrictions in Vietnam.


All participants smile for the group photo at the end of the symposium.



About Asian Culture Station (ACS)

Asian Culture Station (ACS) is a gathering depot for citizens to build a sustainable relationship and to enrich mutual understanding between Thailand and other Asian nations including Japan. Focusing on arts and culture in particular, ACS provides a co-working space for collaboration, on & off site events for people’s appreciation of artistic endeavors, and information through sets of publications and first-hand materials for further study on the region. ACS is operated by the Japan Foundation Asia Center, Japan’s principal organization for cultural exchange, and Chiang Mai Art Conversation, an energetic artist collective whose office is also newly established within the station.


About the Japan Foundation Asia Center

The Japan Foundation is Japan’s principal institution dedicated to carrying out comprehensive international cultural exchange programs throughout the world. The Asia Center, established within the Japan Foundation in April 2014, is a specialized unit with the goal to connect people, expand networks, and develop cultural programs across Asia. As the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics lie ahead in 2020, through projects in such diverse fields as music, theater, film, sports, Japanese language education and other academic exchanges, the Asia Center, in cooperation with the Foundation’s overseas offices, pursues and supports various forms of activities between Asian communities.


About Chiang Mai Art Conversation (CAC)

CAC is a nonprofit artist-run initiative that was founded in Chiang Mai, Thailand in January 2013. The main objective is to provide art information. In order to make this available, we are creating an online art system which contains art map of art spaces, events, and other useful Chiang Mai art data. CAC’s online aims to reflect history and also predicts the future of art scenes in Chiang Mai through data bank. However, CAC does encourage and build physical connection and interaction in a form of various activities to further the growth of the art community and its public audience.


*For more information, please feel free to contact the staff in charge.


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