Hosei International Fund (HIF) Foreign Scholars Fellowship

Hosei University is now extending invitations to young scholars who are, at the least, enrolled in a doctoral degree program to apply to the HIF Fellowship Program to carry out non-degree research programs at Hosei University under the direction of and/or in cooperation with Hosei faculty and researchers. It is expected that joint cooperation and coordination with Hosei faculty will contribute much to the development of the university’s research capabilities.

For those who are interested in this fellowship program, please contact directly or downloading the application at the link below.

URL: https://www.global.hosei.ac.jp/kenkyu/hif/

Application documents must be attached with an email and sent to hif@hosei.ac.jp by Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

For more information, please contact Coordinator, HIF Foreign Scholars Fellowship,  Global Education Center, Hosei University at (E-mail:hif@hosei.ac.jp)